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Re: token ring, kernel 2.0.29, microchannel configuration

On Wed, 18 Mar 1998, Chris Beggy wrote:

>   unresolved symbols in ibmtr.o


> the result is:
>   kernel_version needed, but can't be found.


Both of these errors definatly make it look like a kernel module problem.
there are two things that I would suggest possibly doing.  First, try
making a non-module based kernel with token-ring support.  That will
eliminate the possiblity of this problem altogether.  Second, recompile
but do a 'make dep clean mrproper' before you do your make config and
start over again (or untar a clean src tree).  I have found that this has
taken care of some module dependency problems for me at times especailly
if i've patched anything.

Good luck.  Let us know if this does/doesn't work.


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