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Wait Device problem

I have to face the problem now and then (range 1 day to two weeks) that
my token ring hangs. The process table has many D entries, which I
asume means waiting for device. I do an ifconfig tr0 down, unload
the tr driver load it again and do a ifconfig. If I use a kernel
resident driver the tr never comes up again.
I have linux 2.0.30 using the tr driver of 2.0.29 as I had problems
with the 2.0.30 driver even after I applied all patches. I have
IBM Adapters A with 8k memory. In one month I will have a network
change which is able to bypasse the tr. Then I can play around and
try to solve the problem (make the latest driver work and try to fix
the problem. What I am looking for an intermediate solution.
Is there no possibilty to terminate a process with a device waiting?
That would help.

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