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Re: IBM 16/4 TK card

On Sat, 11 Apr 1998, Marco Shaw wrote:

> "IBM 16/4 ISA Token Ring card (16bit)"
> "Dead in the water".  The card has worked on same computer when it was
> running Win95 so I don't think I need to configure the BIOS.  Correct me if
> I'm wrong, but lanaid is a configuration diskette?  Where can I get it for
> Linux?  (I'm checking out the IBM site now...)

The lanaid disks have IBMDOS on them and will boot on their own.  However,
that card doesn't require it.

> What about the fact that it can't find the 'tr0' module?  Is it a link to
> ibmtk somehow?

This is interesting.  ls /lib/modules/2.0.32/net and see if there is an
ibmtr.o in there.  There _should_ be -- at least there is with my RH5.0
system.  If there isn't, do an 'rpm -qa | grep kernel-modules' - it should
tell you that kernel-modules-2.0.32-2 is installed (or at least some rev
of moudles).  If not, make sure that you install the kernel modules rpm.


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