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Re: IBM 16/4 TK card

>> The lights don't flash when booting, and my /var/log/messages seems to
>> complain about not finding the 'tr0' module.  (I'm at work so sorry I
>> include the exact message.)  I don't understand why it's trying to find
>> 'tr0' because I thought it should be loading the module 'imbtr'?
>It depends.  If it is a Turbo or an Auto adapter, I think the cards are
>dead in the watter (or close to it) if you don't use lanaid or have a good
>bios to configure them.
>Try booting lanaid if it is one of these cards, configure it, and it
>should go into 'Enabled' mode.  Most likely it's currently disabled.

I have the following:

"IBM 16/4 ISA Token Ring card (16bit)"

"Dead in the water".  The card has worked on same computer when it was
running Win95 so I don't think I need to configure the BIOS.  Correct me if
I'm wrong, but lanaid is a configuration diskette?  Where can I get it for
Linux?  (I'm checking out the IBM site now...)

What about the fact that it can't find the 'tr0' module?  Is it a link to
ibmtk somehow?