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RedHat/IBM tkrng

Marco Shaw writes:
 > --'dmesg' gives me:
 > ibmtr: No adapters were found

The driver doesn't see any t-r adapters.

 > I think I found my problem...IRQ!  I've never setup an IRQ for the card.  I
 > thought I might be lucky and not have to, but I'm starting to think like a
 > Windows95 user if I do that!  I wonder if this is the reason that I don't
 > see any lights flashing on my card because the computer isn't talking to it
 > at all.  I previously thought that the lights should flash no matter what,
 > as long as the card was in a slot?
 > Any (more) ideas?  It might be the IRQs!  I'm trying to get a deal on a
 > token ring hub now...

It might be the irq. To determine if an adapter is present the driver
reads I/O port 0xa20 (or 0xa24). If an adapter is present the driver
value read is somewhere within a range of values. Encoded within that
byte is the irq, among other things. Perhaps not setting the irq is
causing the value of that byte to lie outside the range of acceptable
values. But I would guess that the irq would default to something,
though, if you don't explicitly set it. And if it conflicted with
another irq it would fail later in the probe process.