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Re: RedHat/IBM tkrng

> --'dmesg' gives me:
> ibmtr: No adapters were found

> Any (more) ideas?  It might be the IRQs!  I'm trying to get a deal on a
> token ring hub now...

If this is the IBM 16/4 adapter that you mentioned earlier, it MUST have
an IRQ set because it has dip switches.  As far as I know, there is no dip
switch setting for 0 on that adapter.  If it is one of these adapters with
switches on it, try using UDUUUDDDUUDU U=up D=down for settings and see
what you get.  That is what i usualy use, your mileage may vary however.

If it does not have switches, then you have one of these Auto or Turbo
adapters.  If that is the case, you WILL need that lanaid disk (or use
isapnp on linux - i'd suggest lanaid myself).  Set it to non plug and play
mode and force it to some settings that it will accept.  If it is the
Turbo adapter, make sure that you tell it to go in Auto16 compatability

If it has lights on it at all, my guess is that it is an Auto or Turbo and
not the standard 16/4 like I got the impression of earlier.  Unless, of
course, it is a clone adapter and not IBM (I am only really familiar with
IBM adapters).  Win95 and linux can PnP this card, however, you will be
better off if you don't let it do it IMHO.