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Re: RedHat/IBM tkrng

->If it does not have switches, then you have one of these Auto or Turbo
>adapters.  If that is the case, you WILL need that lanaid disk (or use
>isapnp on linux - i'd suggest lanaid myself).  Set it to non plug and play
>mode and force it to some settings that it will accept.  If it is the
>Turbo adapter, make sure that you tell it to go in Auto16 compatability

Lainaid...any idea where I can get it for Linux...(I'm searching

>If it has lights on it at all, my guess is that it is an Auto or Turbo and
>not the standard 16/4 like I got the impression of earlier.  Unless, of
>course, it is a clone adapter and not IBM (I am only really familiar with
>IBM adapters).  Win95 and linux can PnP this card, however, you will be
>better off if you don't let it do it IMHO.

I thougth I mentioned that it was the 'Auto' version.  I don't remember.