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Re: Token Ring IPX routing in Linux

On Sun, 19 Apr 1998, John R.Mulcahy wrote:

> My Kernel is an unpatched 2.0.30
> I went and gave the patch ibmtr_multiple_adapter_patch_v2_0_33 a go but I
> got :-

You'll want to leave this patch off if you don't run multiple token ring
cards.  I was asking because the person who was having ipx problems
earlier had this patch on and it was causing problems.

> -:  I dont have any netware servers running on either network. All I want
> to do is show some ipx traffic by doing something trivial like a ipx ping
> or run a game of descent ( Reg version ) across the router.
> One of the cards wants to be the primary one does it make a difference
> which one is??? I didn't assign any network addresses so are they made up
> on the fly or else how would I explicitly create them?

Just pick one. :)  I'm going to take a wild guess here buecase I havn't
used the ipx_tools in a long time and don't remember the syntax, but you
should be able to make out what i'm getting at.

ipx_interface delall
ipx_interface add -p tr0 802.2TR 0000000A
ipx_interface add eth0 802.2 0000000B

... I would think that should bring up both interfaces setting up the
token ring as primary (for no real reason but I like token ring).

You may also want to try somethign lie this instead:

ipx_configure --auto-configure=on --auto-primary=on

and then...


..to see if they showed up.  That should automaticlay add/remove
interfaces to ipx.

Either of those shoudl get your IPX interfaces going.  As far as starting
the routing afterwords, you're on your own.  I havn't done that yet and
don't have a test network capable of doing that right now.  I would guess
you could just start your ipx routing daemon.  And if configured to route
between all interfaces, shoudl just start going.

There is an ipxdump/ipxparse utilty that I assume looks to see what kidn
of traffic is flowing, if any.  You may also want to check out
/proc/net/ipx for more information.

Good luck.  Let us know what you come up with and if I am incorrect on
this, someone PLEASE correct me.  This is all just a guess.


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