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IBM Token Ring adapter II

I need a card which is able to do 16 MBit.
I use Debian 1.3.1 with Kernel 2.0.29

I have three Token Ring adapters with a big silver colored IBM chip
(one of them has also a small silver colored IBM chip),
and two smaller chips with a IBM label and number on a sticker. All of
them can be configured via DIP switches. Unfortunately, I have no
manuals for them.  The first two were not recognized at all by the
ibmtr module. The third one was recognized. So I set the DIP switches
on the other two cards as on the third. Now a second card is also
recognized. The other one is still not recognized.

The recognized ones are cards for an 8-bit ISA slot, with only a
9 hole SUB-D connector. ibmtr tells me:

ibmtr.c: v1.3.57 8/7/94 ... 2/20/95
tr0: ISA 16/4 Adapter/II found using irq9, PIOaddr a20, 16k shared RAM.
tr0: Hardware address: ...

The not recognized one is for a 16-bit slot, and has a SUB-D and
another connector (don't know the name).

The DIP switches are set like this:

 1 ->
 2 <-
 3 <-
 4 ->
 5 ->
 6 <-
 7 <-
 8 <-
 9 ->
10 ->
11 <-
12 <-

Does Adapter/II mean, that the cards can only be used in 4 MBit mode
(But there is a green sticker on the card stating 16/4)?
Has anybody a description of the DIP switches of these cards?
Which of these numbers on the silver and black chips can be used to
determine the type of the card? 

I tried on IBMs Website, to find information, but without luck. Is
there eny other source of information for these cards on the net?

After insmod ibmtr I tried to ping myself, but ping just tells me:

PING my.host (<my IP #>): 56 data bytes
ping: sendto: Network is unreachable

The card is not yet connected to a network. Is this the problem?

Thanks a lot!
WebMaster D-CHEM
UNIX and Windows NT administration, SOS-ETH 
ETH Zurich
stef@hoes.li        http://hoes.li