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Re: spam

At 09:34 PM 5/4/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I just got some damn spam to an address that I _ONLY_ use on the list.  So
>either they are now going through Linux HOWTO documents for email
>addresses or sites are starting to pull this listserv as well for
>Is there any decent way to check if a user is valid on the list or make it
>so people not in the list cannot get alist of users on the list?  It may
>already be setup like this, I don't know.  Just wanted to let everyone
>If anyone else got emial from a@a.com, let me know.

i have not seen any email from a@a.com come thru - i direct all junk mail
into a special mail box so that i can search it for things like this -
later i will see if i can enable filters for offending sites

you may not post to the linux-tr list unless you are a member (i hate spam
too) - any non-member posts were always kicked back to the postmaster - i
had the who_access set to 'list' - that is only people that are bonified
members of the list are able to get a whois from the list - i just changed
it to 'closed' - that means NOBODY has access to that information ;->

really, who in this list needs that information anyway

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