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Well, I just graduated today.  Woohoo! =)  For the next couple of weeks
while I wait to hear on my new job, I would like ot get some updates to
the mini-HOWTO in.  

If anyone could send me anything that they think should be added to the
new document, I would appreciate it.  I would like to add a lot more
information to it, including some general token ring information.  I may
try to get it moved to a full HOWTO and not a mini-HOWTO after that as
well - like the ethernet one.  It will make it more visible to any
publishers who publish howtos if I do that as well and make it VERY clear
that Linux on Token ring is and has been there for quite some time.

If you send me something, please make it VERY clear in the subject that
it's stuff you want included in the HOWTO so I don't accidently sort it
out.  Also, if you don't know or want to write up anything, but just have
som eideas, just send me the ideas and i'll see what I can do with them.



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