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On Sunday, May 10, 1998 04:41, Mike Eckhoff [SMTP:bert@willy.wsc.edu] wrote:

> If anyone could send me anything that they think should be added to the
> new document, I would appreciate it.  I would like to add a lot more
> information to it, including some general token ring information.  I may
> try to get it moved to a full HOWTO and not a mini-HOWTO after that as
> well - like the ethernet one.  It will make it more visible to any
> publishers who publish howtos if I do that as well and make it VERY clear
> that Linux on Token ring is and has been there for quite some time.

Be sure to add the recently annouced support for the Olicom TR Cards. I can verify that the following work also:

Intel TokenExpress ISA (with the Olicom driver)
Intel TokenExpress MCA (with the Olicom driver)
Olicom OC-3137 (PCI)

I dont know if it is OK to but the Intel cards in the HOWTO, due to the fact that they are not _Officially_ supported.

I dont know about the Madge driver, the one I received from the Magde tech-folks looked a kind of Beta to me.

Lars Knudsen, Sys. Op.