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Re: Loopback

Garry Dixon wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to setup a Token Ring network card, a Madge Blue+, but I don't
> have a network hub onsite.
> I have attempted to 'insmod ibmtr' but I get the error '0011' which in the
> mini-HOWTO suggests that the problem is due to not having a network or a
> loopback connector.
> I have also tried the 'ifconfig' command to setup the network.  When I run
> this command the port just hangs and I have to kill it from another session.
> I am attempting to install the card on Redhat 4.2.
> Questions:
> Should the ifconfig command work with the ibmtr module running with the
> error '0011'?
> Does anybody have a wiring diagram for a RJ45 loopback connector?
> Thanks in advance
> Garry Dixon

I've had a problem like that running a imbtr and for some odd reason the
module for ibmtr was set up wrong causeing ifconfig and any other
netowrk app hanging until you had to kill it with screen. I just redid
the modules and it was fine. I'm not sure what the problem you are
having is but could it be that linux is thinking somehow it is already
loaded or is ia device error of some sort?