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RE: PCI token ring cards.

You will need to patch the kernel in order for the Olicom/Madge cards to
work with rh5.0, so don't forget that part when you boot it and it doesn't
just work.  Only the ibmtr adapters work out of the box with RedHat and
none of those are PCI.


On Thu, 28 May 1998, Lars Knudsen wrote:

> On Thursday, May 28, 1998 15:43, Drew Norman [SMTP:dnorman@cisco.com] wrote:
> > What token ring cards can I purchase (PCI cards) that work with rh5.0?
> I have very good experiences with Olicom OC-313{6,7}. I have reached throughput >1,2 MBytes/S, so i'll give a 'go for it'
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