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IBM lanstreamer card


This may make a few people at least smile a bit.  It is taken from Alan
Cox's web page http://roadrunner.swansea.uk.linux.org/alan.shtml.  I don't
know if he is on this list or not, if so, keep us informed? =)

--- start copy ---

       Its still hot, its horrible and thundery. 

[some stuff cut]

       Got much further with the IBM Lanstreamer card. The ring open/close
       now works and I'm busy filling in the transmit/receive ring 
       handling code.

... and then on the 20th

	Got the token ring card to the point it tries to send a packet and 
	doesn't. But unlike this morning it doesn't crash. Seems to load
	the packet into the ring and not turn the DMA engine on. I guess
	Im doing something dumb (other than using token ring that is). 

--- end copy ---

If I remember right, Paul got this far with it as well (didn't you?)  I'll
ignore the little token ring comment at the end of that. :)

BTW, i'm moved down to Dallas now and about ready to get some more stuff
written up.  Thanks to everyone who mailed some suggestions to me.


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