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Re: IBM lanstreamer card

As Mike Eckhoff said:
> Hello!
> This may make a few people at least smile a bit.  It is taken from Alan
> Cox's web page http://roadrunner.swansea.uk.linux.org/alan.shtml.  I don't
> know if he is on this list or not, if so, keep us informed? =)
>        Got much further with the IBM Lanstreamer card. The ring open/close
>        now works and I'm busy filling in the transmit/receive ring 
>        handling code.

Does anyone know for sure about the IBM Wake On Lan TR card? I've seen it
described as part of the LanStreamer family, but it has a different PCI ID
and it has not responded to the initialization code in Alan's lanstreamer
driver.  I'll try to call IBM this week to get more info about it.


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