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Re: 2.1.103 and IPX

Hmmm.  The only protocol I have loaded on my Novell server right now
is SNAP.  That's what I ran last night's test against and the
interface on Linux auto-configures as EtherII.  One reason I figured
that 802.2 never worked was because I was studying that code and
realized on inbound packets that a pointer wasn't pointing within the
packet to where it was supposed to when the IPX code got it's grubby
little hands on it. If 802.2 _was_ working and now is not then that is
exactly where the (or at least one) problem lies. 

Mike Eckhoff writes:
 > I used Token-Ring under novell (802.5?) and Token-Ring_SNAP only for
 > TCP/IP - you couldn't run IPX over that.  It used to show up as 802.2TR
 > not EthernetII.  *shrugs*  could be just hte utils as well...
 > -me