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Re: 2.1.103 and IPX

As Paul Norton said:
> Hmmm.  The only protocol I have loaded on my Novell server right now
> is SNAP.  That's what I ran last night's test against and the
> interface on Linux auto-configures as EtherII.  One reason I figured
> that 802.2 never worked was because I was studying that code and
> realized on inbound packets that a pointer wasn't pointing within the
> packet to where it was supposed to when the IPX code got it's grubby
> little hands on it. If 802.2 _was_ working and now is not then that is
> exactly where the (or at least one) problem lies. 

This is my IPX configuration on two 2.0.33 kernels. I don't have any
2.1.x information.

On the token-ring machine:
Network    Node_Address   Primary  Device     Frame_Type
C0A82C00   0000832D53A7   Yes      eth0       802.2TR 
(yes, it's token-ring. eth0 is the olicom tr driver)

This is my ethernet machine:
Network    Node_Address   Primary  Device     Frame_Type
C0A84402   00A0C956C1A5   Yes      eth0       802.3 

Both machines use IPX auto-configuration.


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