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are my smc-cards compatible with linux?

Hallo TR-community,

yesterday I got two IBM-PCI-Token-Ring-Adapters without any
software and information as well as two older SMC-8115T-ISA-
Token-Ring-Adapters with a DOS/WINDOWS-Driver.

As I installed the SMC-Adapters in two PC's and connected them with
an IBM 8228-MAU, RJ45-UTP-Cabels it worked fine under DOS.

Then I compiled the Linux-Modul ibmtr and said

	"insmod ibmtr ..."

with different io-ports (which I have jumpered before), but I
always got something like

	"resource or device busy".

I am not the advanced linux-user so I ask you a simple question:
Do I have any chance to get my TR-Network running under linux
with this equipment? Any hints?