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Re: 486/66 + IBM-Tokenring saying Signal loss/Lobe fault

Have you tried a different MAU port or a different network cable?  My
guess is that you've got either a crappy cable or a bad port on the MAU. I
don't think that it's the driver.


On Tue, 11 Aug 1998, Landwehr, Andre, NIS-DE3 wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm new to this list so I don't know if anyone ever asked...
> I got various 486/66 machines with IBM-Tropic tr-Cards (which are IBM
> 16/4 Adapter/A and 3Com Tokenlink III with the same chip on board).
> I tried with bootdisks from Redhat 4.1 as well as SuSE 4.3, 5.0 and 5.2
> as well as with a freshly compiled 2.1.114 kernel, the TR-Driver as a
> module or statically in the kernel, the "CPU to slow to handle full
> bandwith" on or off.
> When the 486er's only have to communicate with each other I have no
> problems, but unfortunately at least one of them has to participate in
> my companies ring, which runs on 16 MBit and only consists of Pentium
> machines running on NT. At first the kernel seems to correctly
> initialize and open the card, but a few seconds later it says: "Signal
> loss/Lobe fault" and "We try to reopen the adapter". Some seconds later
> it succeeds in doing this, but again only for a few seconds. 
> Browsing the kernel-source (2.1.114, ibmtr.c) it seemed to me that the
> kernel/the ring believes that the card has the wrong ringspeed. But
> that's definitely not the case. 
> The same bootdisks respectively the same installed kernel 2.1.114 with
> each of the above cards runs without any problems when plugged into one
> of those Pentium machines.
> May a 486/66 be to slow to participate in a busy ring?
> Greetings
> Andre

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