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RE: RE: 486/66 + IBM-Tokenring saying Signal loss/Lobe fault

	>> machines running on NT. At first the kernel seems to
	>> initialize and open the card, but a few seconds later it
says: "Signal
	>> loss/Lobe fault" and "We try to reopen the adapter". Some
seconds later
	>probably silly question, but did you check the cables ?
	Yes, I did, everything's ok... ;-)

	>A few months ago, I've had some 386sx-16 PS2-55's with two MCA
	>inthere, and the problems I got with it were not like those you
	>about. It'll probably true that on a 386sx you might not be
able to see
	>the difference in speed between 4 and 16 M TR, but a 486 should
	>After all, the slower machines in a ring should have the same
access as
	>the faster ones.

	I thought so, too. But the only difference in hard- and software
between the running and the not-running machine ist Processor and Board,
I even plugged the old ISA-GraphicsAdapter into the Pentium to eliminate
any possible problem...

	The most astonishing thing for me is that the kernel receives a
new ring-status which obviously means for it that we were kicked out of
the ring. Does anyone know on which conditions the ring-status changes
to that value? Where after all is a ring-status set, I don't know too
much about TR, ye know...