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Where is tr0

I am very new to Linux and need some help...
I am using COL 1.3
I have configured the ibmtr module and receive this message on one of
the virtual terminals "tr0: New ring status: 20"
What does this mean?

I have not been able to 'browse' the netware 3.12 server I am connected
to.  In  /NetWare are listed directories for servers on the WAN I am
connected to (I didn't add this information so I know the nwclient is
finding it using the token ring card... I just can't seem to figure out
how to use it.) . I don't know how to attach to them so that I can
access them.  I've read over man:mount but  when I try to find device
tr0 on my system it doesn't exist. (I even looked in /dev) How do I
'create' this device and link it to any of these outside servers? (If
this is the method, I'm just guessing here.)

I would also like to print to a network printer but have little idea
where to start... again the first problem would be for me find a way
'through' the token ring card. The printer is a device on the network
and not attached to any workstation.

Perhaps off topic again but... how do I sent the remote server a
login/password when I mount it or how is that handled?

Thanks for any guidance you could provide,

Rick Hendrickson