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Re: Where is tr0

As R Hendrickson said:
> I am very new to Linux and need some help...
> I am using COL 1.3
> I have configured the ibmtr module and receive this message on one of
> the virtual terminals "tr0: New ring status: 20"
> What does this mean?

The status of your token ring has changed. The ibmtr driver is a bit chatty
about such things.
> I have not been able to 'browse' the netware 3.12 server I am connected
> to.  In  /NetWare are listed directories for servers on the WAN I am
> connected to (I didn't add this information so I know the nwclient is
> finding it using the token ring card... I just can't seem to figure out
> how to use it.) . I don't know how to attach to them so that I can
> access them.  I've read over man:mount but  when I try to find device
> tr0 on my system it doesn't exist. (I even looked in /dev) How do I
> 'create' this device and link it to any of these outside servers? (If
> this is the method, I'm just guessing here.)

tr0 doesn't exist as a device (say in /dev). Network interfaces in Linux
aren't accessible through a file. You have to use network tools:

ifconfig tr0

will show you settings and allow you to modify these settings.

Sorry, I haven't got Caldera working perfectly with my NDS tree, so I can't
help you beyond the tr0. But nwclient should let you connect to arbitrary
servers. You don't have to mount them, as the netware file system stuff
that Caldera includes will make the servers available in /NetWare once you
log into the server with nwclient.

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