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Re: [linux-tr] PCI-cards

As Paul Norton said:
> I am working on the LANStreamer driver.  Peter is working on the PCI
> Token-Ring driver.  I've got documentation and materials to write a
> complete set of drivers for Proteon t-r adapters after I'm done with
> LANStreamer.  If there's anything you have on a wish-list from IBM in
> the way of t-r drivers, let me know as they have become considerably
> nicer to us in the last few months and I think we have a pretty good
> chance of getting what we need in the way of documentation from them.

At work we have the IBM Wake-on-LAN PCI TR cards. I don't know what we [Linux
community] would do with Wake-on-LAN technical details, but it wouldn't hurt to
obtain them.

>From the client standpoint, there's nothing to worry about. From a sever
standpoint, however, with a user-land program we could send out the appropriate
packets to wake up remote workstations. We're using this technology to place
workstations in our sites, bring them up remotely, and install NT on them (via


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