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RE: [linux-tr] PCI-cards

Graham Leach writes:
 > Paul,
 > I have a bunch of PROTEON 1392+ TR cards.  I'd be glad to send you one if you
 > need it to profile your driver.  Where are you?

Thanks for the offer, but Proteon sent me an example of each of their
adapters to develop with.  :-) 

 > Are you interested in writing diagnostic software to test out and explain things
 > like:
 > -  Ring Resets
 > -  Arrgh messages
 > -  Ring Status Changes
 > These tools would be great!

Be aware that the ibmtr driver is rather chatty.  It'll report changes
in ring conditions that other drivers would never bother you with.
This is a legacy from being the first token-ring driver supported by
Linux, where any message might be important.  Now it's not important
to report this stuff, but I've haven't removed them yet. 

Arrg messages are important since they usually reflect a bug in the
driver code someplace. 

 > g.