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RE: [linux-tr] PCI-cards


I have a bunch of PROTEON 1392+ TR cards.  I'd be glad to send you one if you
need it to profile your driver.  Where are you?

Are you interested in writing diagnostic software to test out and explain things

-  Ring Resets
-  Arrgh messages
-  Ring Status Changes

These tools would be great!


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I am working on the LANStreamer driver.  Peter is working on the PCI
Token-Ring driver.  I've got documentation and materials to write a
complete set of drivers for Proteon t-r adapters after I'm done with
LANStreamer.  If there's anything you have on a wish-list from IBM in
the way of t-r drivers, let me know as they have become considerably
nicer to us in the last few months and I think we have a pretty good
chance of getting what we need in the way of documentation from them.

Gilbert Ramirez Jr. writes:
 > As Paul Norton said:
 > >
 > > It's not written yet.  We've just received the docs from IBM a few
 > > weeks ago.  Peter De Schrijver will be working on it.
 > is this for the Lanstreamer PCI TR cards, or the non-Lanstreamer PCI cards?
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