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[linux-tr] howto disable source route bridgeing?

I just had a patch that disables source-routing submitted to me a few
days ago that I'm currently looking over.  If you are interested I
could forward you that.  Otherwise, there isn't a way to disable
source-routing in the current driver.  2.2.0 won't use source-routing
to destinations it receives non-sr frames from, but if it initiates a
conversation source-routing is used (to be discarded if source-routing 
is not used by the destination.)

Lee Shakespeare writes:
 > Hi Folks.
 > I'm trying to connect a linux box (2.0.35) to a rather large token ring
 > network and am encountering a few problems.  The network has a number of
 > 3com token ring hubs, which are joined by a 3com 7000 ATM switch.  I can
 > see all the machines on the local token ring, but none on the other
 > rings.  An NT box which sits on the same ring can see the whole network.
 > I've been told by the people in the know, that I need to "disable source
 > route bridgeing" for the token ring card.  A quick usenet search has
 > turned up little, source routing hadn't used to work, but does now.  The
 > source code doesn't make an explicit references to it, and I'm no kernel
 > hacker.  
 > Does anyone know how I can disable source route bridgeing for the token
 > ring card in the ibmtr module?  
 > Thanks for you help.
 > Lee.
 > --
 > lee@mbtuk.demon.co.uk   :   Lee Shakespeare