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Re: [linux-tr] howto disable source route bridgeing?

Are all the machines hanging off the rings on the same subnet?  If all else
fails, you can set up static routes to all machines with "route" command.

Lee Shakespeare wrote:

> Hi Folks.
> I'm trying to connect a linux box (2.0.35) to a rather large token ring
> network and am encountering a few problems.  The network has a number of
> 3com token ring hubs, which are joined by a 3com 7000 ATM switch.  I can
> see all the machines on the local token ring, but none on the other
> rings.  An NT box which sits on the same ring can see the whole network.
> I've been told by the people in the know, that I need to "disable source
> route bridgeing" for the token ring card.  A quick usenet search has
> turned up little, source routing hadn't used to work, but does now.  The
> source code doesn't make an explicit references to it, and I'm no kernel
> hacker.
> Does anyone know how I can disable source route bridgeing for the token
> ring card in the ibmtr module?
> Thanks for you help.
> Lee.
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