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[linux-tr] ibmtr_cs and switched Token ring


I am looking for some help getting an IBM 4/16 Token Ring card (or a 3com 
Tokenlink Velocity III PC Card) working in a switched Token ring 

I am using the Caldera Kernel 2.0.35, and associated pcmcia_cs (I think 

My symptoms are as follows:

Insert the card, pcmcia recognises it, inserts the module, the card is 
initialised.  Ifup the interface, with a static IP address, correct 
netmasks, broadcast, etc.  Using the patched tcpdump from the olicom ftp 
server, I can see arp requests going out, but I never get any replies.  ( I 
am assuming that they are going out, I don;t have access to the switch to 
monitor this )

I have seen mention of problems in a switched Token Ring network in a 
Caldera mailing list from 1996, and the solution there was to put a router 
in bridging mode between the Linux box and the rest.  That's out of the 
question for me, however.

I was also referred to a discussion on Linux kernel about 1.5 months ago 
where arp requests were being ignored coming from Token Ring across a 
bridge to an Ethernet environment.  Apparently, there is a setting in the 
kernel where one can tell it to accept all types of arp replies.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?  I have been struggling for a 
while to get this card working, because I don't really have access to a 
Token Ring network, only on a "by arrangement" basis.

Is there an archive of this list?  i looked at emissary.aus-etc.com, and 
couldn't find anything.

Thanks for any suggestions.