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[linux-tr] 2.2.1 + turbo ISA

Hello there!

I am trying to bring up a turbo tokenring card with no success. As soon as I
load the module, I get an unrecoverable error rc=0x0059 (if i remember
correctly. It may not be hex), and soon thereafter the kernel panics. I have
tried setting it in both ISA16, ISA16+LEGACY, AUTO16 with no success. The
card also fails to initialize with 2.0.34 in AUTO16 mode. I have not tried
ISA16 yet. Has anyone managed to make this card work with any kernel? If
yes, what card settings, and what kernel version?

I also get the same unrecoverable error with an older ISA AUTO 16/4 adapter
which gets recognized as Short (if memory serves). The only way I can hook
up to the ring is running the old card with a 2.0.x kernel, and then I still
get bombarded with some diagnostic (and I presume harmless) messages. I was
hoping to use the newer SMP support, but it seems that I have to wait for a

Is there any way I could take a snapshot of the system when it dies and post
it for clueful people to take a look?

Thanks in advance,