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[linux-tr] Compaq Netflex-2 16TR with Linux?

Hi Token Ring Cracks,

I want to build a firewall/proxy in a Token Ring environment.
On one side is a router on a leased line (64kBit) and on the
other side the LAN. I have set up some Linux boxes with
Ethernet and IBM Token Ring with no problems.

To build the Token Ring Internetrouter (on i486)
I have two Compaq ISA Netflex-2 16TR Controllers.

Up to now I had no success in getting them running.
Is there a chance to do so? :-)
Or not? :-(

Description of the card:
  Compaq ISA Token Ring
  Netflex-2 16TR Controller
  P/N: 160782-001
  Chip: TI380C25

Thank you very much for any comments.
Thomas Wenger   wenger@iam.unibe.ch   http://www.thomas-wenger.ch
University: Institute of Computer Science (IAM), Office 203 
            Neubrueckstr. 10,  CH-3012 Bern      +41 31 631 49 90 
Private:    Hirschweid 511, CH-3113 Rubigen      +41 31 721 41 18