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[linux-tr] Proxy / Paketfilter

I am quite familiar with Ethernet and TCP/IP, but have no experience
with Token Ring. So I need your help for the following problem:

Is it possible to use a linux box with two token-Ring-cards as
paketfilter-firewall between two token-Ring networks? 
I have two "Madge Smart 16/4 AT Plus Ringmode" Token-Ring Cards here.
Is there a linux-driver for this card, which allows the use of two
cards in one computer?

Thanks, Ingmar.

Ingmar Hartl  Institut fuer Medizinische Optik   Oettingenstr. 67,
80538 Muenchen, Germany; Phone +49 89 2178-2943;Fax -2902; pgp key at
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