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Re: [linux-tr] Problems with Kernel 2.2.3ac-4 and TokenRing PC-Card

The different shared RAM addresses between 2.0.x and 2.2.x is normal. The
ibmtr driver now reports things a bit differently. Paul Norton assured me
that ibmtr is behaving correctly in regards to that.

Unfortunately I can't help with the more pressing problem of ibmtr not being
able to open your PCMCIA card. I no longer have a  TP770, nor do I have any
more Token-Ring cards. I work for a new employer that uses, ack, ethernet.

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From: Frank Fiene <ffiene@veka.com>
To: Linux on token-ring <linux-tr@emissary.aus-etc.com>
Date: Tuesday, March 23, 1999 9:44 AM
Subject: [linux-tr] Problems with Kernel 2.2.3ac-4 and TokenRing PC-Card

>Has anybody configured a IBM TurboTokenRing-PC-Card in an IBM
>Thinkpad 770 and the the last kernel (2.2.3ac)?
>I have done all recent updates (i think), but my system prints the
>message on the system console:
>Kernel: tr0: open failed: ret-code=34, retrying
>On startup of the Cardmanager two different messages
>are displayed (Under 2.0.36 it is working fine)
>2.0.36: initial interrupt: shared RAM 000D4302
>2.2.3:  initial interrupt: 16MBps shared RAM 000D4000
>What means shared RAM? And how can i configure it?
>My system is SuSE 6.0.
>IBM Thinkpad 770x (128MB, 8GB, 13.7'' 1280x1024x64k)
>IBM TurboTokenRing-PC-Card
>Please Help!!
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