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[linux-tr] proxy ARP

Machine layout:

TR-network--*tr*-----AIX box---*ether*---NT box

NT box is called bridgett.
AIX box has TR HW of 08:00:5A:81:A2:85

On a linux box on the TR network:
arp -H tr -if tr0 -s bridgett 08:00:5A:81:A2:85
cat /proc/net/arp       0x6         0x6         08:00:5A:81:A2:85     * tr0

fine. Now arp -d bridgett
arp -H tr -if tr0 -s bridgett 08:00:5A:81:A2:85 pub
cat /proc/net/arp       0x6         0xc         00:00:00:00:00:00     *  tr0

Arrgh - it didn't work :-(

The equivalent from an AIX box works fine.  

kernel = 2.2.4 :-)
$ arp -V
net-tools 1.51
arp 1.85 (1999-01-05)

A friend thinks this is probably a bug in the kernel TR proxy arp.



Adrian Bridgett <bridgett@hursley.ibm.com>
Internal: 7-245528  External: 01962-815528