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Re: [linux-tr] Problems with Kernel 2.2.3ac-4 andTokenRingPC-Card -Reply -Reply

>>> Paul Norton <pnorton@ccnusa.com> 03/24/99 02:20pm >>>
Michael R. Eckhoff writes:
 > You should be able to mail the changes to Paul (pnorton@cts.com) and he can ...
> He did, and I just did.  I don't like to put patches there that I
> haven't personally tested, but I think I'm going to have to change
> that policy.
>  It's there as tr220.tgz.

Personally, I agree with Paul on this one, the tr220.tgz *does* contain what you need to get the driver working

There is no Readme file, I have been giving out instructions personally to each person who has asked for the file, the level of instruction varying by user.

It is not meant to replace ibmtr.c in .../linux/drivers/net, it is only to be used in the pcmcia source tree to get the driver working.

Ibmtr.c included in the package is based on 2.2.2 so is not current (2.2.4 patched the driver.)

The patch to ibmtr.c is only in the form of #ifdef PCMCIA's, so the code is difficult to test if you don't use pcmcia. 

I (and I assume Paul and David Hinds (pcmcia maintainter)) do not want to maintain multiple versions of the same file and functions, that was one of the reasons why I rewrote the driver in the first place.  I am quite happy waiting until all the recent patches to ibmtr.c are merged into the main kernel tree. When this happens the main pcmcia distribution will be updated with the new token ring driver.