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Re: [linux-tr] Telnet and ftp services very slow to start

OK, so you were right. This was a DNS misconfiguration.

It has nothing to do with Token Rink so excuseme for wasting your time

Thanks a lot.
David Requena.

> I don't think that http will do a resolve before connect.  That's an
option in
> the server.  Also, httpd doesn't run through tcp_wrappers.
> Also, just because you telnet to the host using the IP address,
> doesn't mean that the wrappers aren't going to try and resolve the
hostname to
> make sure that it doesn't match 'ALL .foo.com' in your hosts.deny file.
> I would recommend again that you go ahead and put entries in your
> file just to totally rule that out.  Or remove in.telnetd from passing
> tcpd.