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Re: [linux-tr] madge problems

Joseph Hoh writes:
 > On this same issue, is there anyway that you could look at the souce code
 > and possibly put in an option to turn off source routing completely (similar
 > to the one available for IBM Token-Ring cards)?  We are in a 100%
 > non-source-routed environment, and we have the need for PCI speeds, and, as
 > I understand it, the IBM module does not support PCI cards.

Yes, we should have an option to turn source-routing off by
interface.  I have a patch to do this but it's got a few problems that 
I'm fixing.

 > Also, do you think the Madge module could be recompiled under 2.2 and work?

Not without modification.  The modifications shouldn't be that
difficult, though.