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[linux-tr] New Web Site / Domain Name

Okay, further to my previous mails, some nice offers (thank you) and some private e-mails, Paul and I are in the process of setting this all up, the space for this has been very kindly provided by Gary from Austin Internet Etc. (the same guys who host the mailng list.)

We have decided to call the organization the Linux Token Ring Project and now have the task of actually setting up the web pages, content, etc.  

So I am looking for input as to what information we should maintain on the site.

As a start I was thinking of the following main sections:
News - driver development status
Documentation - TR faqs, linux tr specific faqs etc
Supported Cards - Listed by manufacturer and bus types (including proprietary drivers e.g. Olicom)
Downloads - Latest sources etc.
Projects - What we want to work on, need help etc.

I would especially appreciate it is the IBMers and any other manufacturer's reading this would let me either use information from their sites or link to them.

Also, if you are really good with graphics, send me your logo designs (no cc to list, graphics files may be inconvenient for some), if they are really good, I may use it for the site.