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Re: [linux-tr] madge pci card

Matthieu Patou wrote:
> Hello i'am the ( happy ? ) owner of a madge pci token ring card of course it
> don't work ( not even completly recorgnized ) under linux ... i've heard that
> some has succesfully use it ...
> Can some one tell me more about this ?

Madge distributes a kernel module for the PCI Smart 16/4 Ringnode "Mk
card (and only this card).  This card is also known as the "busmaster 2"
card, and usually has a sticker that says "PCI BM2" on it.  It works
reasonably well, but I am having a strange problem where the connection
drops mysteriously.  I don't know if the driver is to fault, however.

To get the driver, just send e-mail to eurtech@madge.com.  They will
to know who you are, and you have to agree to not re-distribute the
driver.  The package comes with source code, including their 'universal
driver toolkit' that they use for all of their cards (I guess).
I believe it is for this source code that they want the non-distribution
agreement.  Not quite as open as the linux kernel and whatnot, but it
is a better situation than binary images, or nothing at all.

The mtok module was tested with kernel 2.0.29, and I am running it under
2.0.34.  I haven't heard of anyone trying it under 2.2.x yet.  The
installation instructions are for slackware systems, but if you've set
up an ethernet card or other network interface you should be able to
set up this with no problems. (certainly ignore the part where it tells
you to reboot your computer :)

Hope this helps,
> Regards Mat
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