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[linux-tr] TR fails on IBM Thinkpad 765 -Reply


Any crazy message about unknown commands and values usually point to memory configuration problems.

> Apr 14 16:41:12 nmswin1 kernel: cs: warning: no high memory space available.

This could be a clue, there is a line in /etc/pcmcia/config.opts:
include memory .....,  which has a high range 0xa0000000 - 0xaffffffff which was sometimes commented out to make the older tr driver work, try putting it back in and restarting pcmcia.

You could also try to hardwire the card options with maybe
module "ibmtr_cs" options "mmiobase=0XD0000 srambase=0xD4000 sramsize=32"

The driver defaults to 16K shared ram but will put the mmiobase and srambase wherever it can, sometimes causing great confusion.