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Re: [linux-tr] TR fails on IBM Thinkpad 765 -Reply


> > Apr 14 16:41:12 nmswin1 kernel: cs: warning: no high memory space

> This could be a clue, there is a line in /etc/pcmcia/config.opts:
> include memory .....,  which has a high range 0xa0000000 - 0xaffffffff
which was
> sometimes commented out to make the older tr driver work, try putting it
back in
> and restarting pcmcia.

> You could also try to hardwire the card options with maybe
> module "ibmtr_cs" options "mmiobase=0XD0000 srambase=0xD4000 sramsize=32"

I added the high memory back and I get this:

  ibmtr_cs: register_trdev() failed

without it I get:

  ibmtr_cs: RequestWindow: Resource in use

The sramsize parameter doesn't change this behaviour. I can only reproduce
my previous ASB error if I remove the module "ibmtr_cd" line completely.

I did the setup of the card under Windoze95 to check that the card itself
works properly. It does :-)  I assumed that I could look at the memory
settings in Windoze and use them in Linux. But I couldn't decide what was
what! I tried several combinations without success. Here are the values I
found in windoze:

IBM Turbo 16/4 TR PC Card: mem range 000C8000-000C9FFF
PCMCIA Services: mem range 000D0000-000D0FFF (this should be mmiobase?)
PCMCIA Socket: 000C0000-00FFFFFF (This was set to automatic selection, so I
don't know if the values are correct).
Controllers: 10811000-10811FFF

Thanks for your help.