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Re: [linux-tr] TR fails on IBM Thinkpad 765 -Reply -Reply

> I added the high memory back and I get this:
>  ibmtr_cs: register_trdev() failed
Yep, the driver requests a memory range from card services and we just told that the area 0xa - 0xa0f was free, when it wasn't :-)

>  ibmtr_cs: RequestWindow: Resource in use
OK, there is not enough room for 32K, or you need to be real careful where is goes.

> IBM Turbo 16/4 TR PC Card: mem range 000C8000-000C9FFF 
8K = mmiobase, the other values don't mean a lot (pcmcia values rather than TR card)
(Sneaky, mem area 0XD0000 - 0XDFFFF might be taken up with something and card services is refusing to tell us that 0xC0000 - 0XCFFFF can be used, so try mmiobase = 0XC8000 srambase = 0XCA000 sramsize=16)

Do you have anything else in the pcmcia slots??, and did you ever manage to get it working with 2.0.36 ??