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Re: [linux-tr] TR fails on IBM Thinkpad 765

Yann,  I found that using "mmiobase=0xD0000 srambase=0xD8000 sramsize=32"
works fine.  The problem I hit is that cardmgr give me RequestIO failures.

It turns out that the ibmtr_cs module is forcing the use of IO Port 0xA20.
That is probably why the IBM Turbo T/R cards must be run in Auto 16/4
compat mode.   A turbo in turbo mode defaults to IOPort 0x300 in WinNT.

I naively tried an experiment and changed the A20 to 300 and rebuilt the
module.  Then cardmgr just dies while trying to insert the Turbo T/R card.
So I guess I'm stuck for now.

I guess the next step is to figure out what else the Turbo needs from card
services in order to install correctly.

Ciao, John