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Re: [linux-tr] TR fails on IBM Thinkpad 765 -Reply

Mike,  I'll poke around the pcmcia code  and see if I can hack it into
submission...at least until you get a formal cut of it done.   I'm
beginning to think the Turbo's are hard wired for 300.  At least the
Windoze device drivers don't give us the option to change the IO port.

I'm beginning to wish I had a second machine around to do this on.  Right
now I'm forced to dual boot, which makes it a little inconvenient to earn
tonite's dinner and play at the same time.

Thanks, John

"Mike Phillips" <PHILLIM@amtrak.com> on 04/21/99 10:09:14 AM

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Subject:  Re: [linux-tr] TR fails on IBM Thinkpad 765  -Reply


Nice idea with the 0x300 stuff, pcmcia will do it, but ibmtr.c won't (not
without some changes anyway).

This is on my list of things to do in the pcmcia driver code.
theoretically we can put pcmcia cards on any i/o, irq, mem setting we want.
(Unless of course the underlying chip circuitry wont handle it, such as
*surprise, suprise* the tropic chipset.  It wants shared ram to be below
the 1M boundary.)