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[linux-tr] madge driver

Maybe the best thing to do is diff the 2.0.36 ibmtr driver with 2.2.6
ibmtr driver.  You'll have to change some probe code, as well as the
receive code a little.  I don't think the transmit code will have to
be touched.  Since the BM II is a PCI adapter you might have to peruse 
any PCI-related changes as well, but then that's probe/initialization
code. Overall I don't think it'll be too tough - a good, solid evening
or two of hacking.  :-) 

If you have any particular questions feel free to email me at
pnorton@ieee.org, as I'm the guy who made all those changes (excepting 
PCI changes). 

Matthieu Patou writes:
 > The madge driver from madge for PCI BM II card is great it work fine under
 > 2.0.x kernel
 > Great job.
 > Does someone use it ?
 > I want to modify it to use it under a 2.2.x ...
 > Does someone has try it ?
 > in fact as i see the first problem is in skbbuf with the kfree_skb functionthat
 > took 2 parameters in 2.0.x kernel and one in the 2.2.x ...
 > Anyone as an idea ?
 > Best things is to find the modifications that have been made between 2.0x and
 > 2.2.x 
 > But where can i find this ?
 > Regards
 >    --
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