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Re: [linux-tr] Problem with IBM TR16/4 -Reply -Reply -Reply


> The PCI-TokenRing-Card did not work (When is the driver available?)
We are chasing down some memory leaks and ensuring that large packets don't kill the driver.
Looking at your output and especially as the card worked on the older machine running the same kernel, it has almost certainly got to be a hardware conflict, from looking at you output the irq's are free and io space is free, perhaps something else has taken the shared ram area (0XC0000-0XDFFFF).

Depending upon which card you have got (ISA, ISA PnP etc.) will affect which memory area it is trying to get hold off.

Paul will know better which areas his driver is trying to reserve than I do, although from a problem I had with the pcmcia driver I know that if you card is pure ISA (not PnP) the driver is trying to get the memory area starting at 0XD0000.

Paul - Is it safe to alter  ibmtr_mem_base value or will this cause problem later on ??