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Re: [linux-tr] Problem with IBM TR16/4 -Reply -Reply -Reply

Mike Phillips writes:
 > Paul will know better which areas his driver is trying to reserve than I do, although from a problem I had with the pcmcia driver I know that if you card is pure ISA (not PnP) the driver is trying to get the memory area starting at 0XD0000.

If it's trying to grab 0xd0000 then it's probably not PnP.  Another
thing to be concerned about is the ROM area.  The address for that is
also set by dip switch and has an 8K footprint. 

 > Paul - Is it safe to alter  ibmtr_mem_base value or will this cause problem later on ??

It can be altered, but you have to be careful about address
boundaries, i.e. 8K shared ram must fall on an 8k boundary, 16k on a
16k boundary, etc.