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Yes. I am testing the alpha release. First of all: Good work.
I inserted an IBM PCI TokenRing-Card, patched the Makefile and
the Config.in file, compiled olympic as a module, edited the
conf.modules to "alias tr0 olympic" and "options olympic ringspeed=0"
and it works, the adapter is opened and i can ping the machine.
It is a little bit slow at this time (icmp echo ~700ms), but it is
alpha code. Telnet works ok. But XWindows over tr is to slow.

Kernel says:

Olympic.c v.0.1.0 4/27/99 - Peter De Shrijver & Mike Phillips
tr0: IBM PCI tokenring card. I/O at 1100, MMIO at c8040800, LAP at c8042000,
using irq 11
Olympic: 1 IBM Token Ring card(s) found in system.
tr0: Opened in 16Mbps mode
tr0: unexpected interrupt: 10000
tr0: SISR_MASK: 1600020.

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