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Re: [linux-tr] Re: 0.1.8.mlp

On Fri, May 07, 1999 at 07:45:49AM +0200, Frank Fiene wrote:
> Sorry Mike. Same as everytime before. I have tried to set the
> default mtu-size in the file olympic.c before the 0.1.8. Same
> result.
> Has anyone else the same errors as me?
> The driver works very well for a few minutes. After that or after
> starting a "havy" network application the driver slows down to
> a ping time of 3 sec (3000 msec).

I've seen really bad performance after a while, a few minutes may be a bit
pessimistic in my case. I've now written this little script :-(

~$ cat fixnet 
ifconfig tr0 down
rmmod olympic
insmod olympic



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