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[linux-tr] Frank's Woe with PCI


> We have a switched token ring network with IBM 8270 (800 and 600) and
> IBM 8272 (106 and 216) switches. IBM PC's with NT (mtu 4096) and AS/400
> (mtu ?). The server are connected directly to the switch.
> My machine is a IBM Server 315 with P133, 128MB RAM, Adaptec 2940UW with
> 3 disks, a CD-ROM and a HP scanner.
> Linux is SuSE 6.1 with kernel 2.2.7 and olympic 0.1.8.

> What else should you know?

Can you do a print of /proc/pci and /proc/interrupts to see if anything is sharing interrupts.

Also, if you've got the memory, you could increase the OLYMPIC_RX_RING_SIZE value from 16 to something serious like 64 (let's see 64 * 4K = 256K for rx buffers, yeh we can do that.) If that still dies horribly, try increasing TX_RING_SIZE as well, your machine might be trying to transmit faster than the card can service the requests.

BTW you should add another parameter to the insmod line to get extra messages, the lins should be:
insmod olympic message_level=1 - this will turn on soft error messages.